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What Is Everyone Wearing This Summer: 10 Summer 2024 Trends

Something for everyone, with the trend cycle becoming shorter, this summer there is a wide range of trends. The trends for summer 2024 are wearable and practical, which reflect a shift towards quality and longevity in contrast to the previous patterns of overconsumption, expanding the life cycle of trends from the previous seasons. Here are the common trends in terms of garments, colours, patterns, accessories and more.

1. Elevating Essentials

This season designers focused on extending the lifespan of everyday garments, by taking the closest staples such as jeans, blazers and shirts. 

2. Shades of Blue

Over 100s of shows for spring/summer, light blue looks were up 19% from spring/summer 2023, and there was a significant increase in blue looks featured in collections. Blue pieces saw a 125% spike in searches in the two weeks following Fashion Month. Shades of blue were favoured by designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Versace and Stella McCartney.

3. Office Sirenes 

Perfectly cut trousers, fitted and oversized suites are here to stick around, dominating the trends with a focus on comfort and fluidity. The statement trousers are all about comfort first, with loose, wide-leg silhouettes and drawstring-waist styles. 

4. The 90s never go out of style 

Fashion trends are moving towards a minimalist '90s aesthetic, with clean silhouettes and refined colour palettes. Y2K maxi skirts and oversized suits are popular but with cleaner lines and colours. Brands like Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, and Helmut Lang are being referenced for their clean-cut style. The new take on '90s fashion is seen as a refreshing change after the recent Y2K comebacks.

5. Flats 

Flat shoes, particularly ballet flats and Mary Jane, continue to dominate trends. Luxury brands are incorporating intricate details and embellishments into flat shoe designs. The fashion industry's embrace of flat shoes represents a shift towards comfort and practicality in footwear.

6. Sailor Core 

From cardigans to sailor collars to oceanic blues and gold buttons to strips. Nautical fashion is making a comeback to fashion. These elements were put on the runway by many designers such as Ralph Lauren, Mui Mui and Max Mara. 

7. Blank Canvas 

Ranging from diaphanous or sheer or embroidered. Trends stirred away from bright colours and dainty pastels to clean whites, that can be styled in countless ways. 

8. Romantic Shilloutes 

Romantic silhouettes and aesthetics are created by incorporating elements such as chiffon-y pastels, frills, bows, organza, lace, and intricate ruffles. The trend focuses on wearability and was seen in many collections such as Gucci, Givenchy, Versace and Anna October. 

9. Polo Shirts

Mui Mui went strong with their use of polo shirts in their latest collection, making a significant impact as one of the most influential fashion shows this year. The polo shirt was paired with everything from men’s board shorts to ruffled micro-mini skirts, gold brocade shift dresses to sequin-embellished blouses. The collared shirts were also featured on other runways such as Dries Van Noten, DSquared2, Chanel and The Row.

10. “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Let's just say florals are not groundbreaking when it comes to the warmer months. However, designers fully embraced florals with the use of  3D floral decorations and prints in numerous collections. 

11. Ancora Red 

We have been seeing dark red nails and Cline’s dark honey everywhere for many past seasons and it looks like the Ancora red is here to stay because of its timelessness. 

In conclusion, the summer 2024 trends include a focus on elevating everyday essentials, shades of blue, formal attire, a minimalist '90s aesthetic, flats, sailor-inspired fashion, clean white garments, romantic silhouettes, polo shirts, florals, and the timeless appeal of dark red nails.


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