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Sweat Proof Styling

In the summer, it is better to wear loose and light layers than shorts.

A natural air conditioning system is created by the space between the skin and fabric. Fabric selection is important. Polyester, Acrylic, and Rayon should be avoided. They are synthetic. The fabrics to look for are Cotton, Linen, and Tencel. All of these fabrics are natural.

The next and most obvious tip is to choose light colours over dark colours because light colours reflect light whereas dark colours absorb light. However, it can be challenging to avoid dark colours completely. In this case, fabrics come into play.

Since you cannot layer patterns and textures, it will be necessary to add more elements and draw attention to the fit. Choose a centrepiece that will help you style your outfit easily. Accessories are your accents.

To conclude, loose and light layers, the right fabrics (Cotton, Linen, Tencel etc.), light colours over dark colours, texture and patterns, style your outfits around a centrepiece and accessories are your best friend.


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