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History Of Fashion Week and How It Has Evolved

What originally started as a way for designers to show their collection has now become a month-long affair with elaborate events and brands hoping to have a viral moment to sell out stores.

But how has it evolved?

Originating in Paris in the 1800s, Chearls Worth, a couture designer, had the idea to organise an event where he could show his designs. This event was incredibly intimate, unlike anything we see today with photographers and people all over the world watching the shows.

Eventually, these shows became a social event, and as the 90s emerged, supermodels started to grace the catwalk and the front rows started to get filled by A-list celebrities.

More than just a presentation of clothes, the event full of arts, culture, innovation and technology, with afterparties, and live streams has led it to now become the birthplace of pop culture. Having gained so much popularity, it has become the most segmented period of time of the fashion calendar that it appears twice, first with fall/winter shows in February and then with spring/summer line in September.


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