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Difference between Eco-fashion and Slow Fashion

With the world trying to move away from fast fashion, eco-fashion has emerged. It is easy to confuse this with slow fashion. So what is eco-fashion? And what is the difference between the two?

As the name suggests eco refers to ecological, environmentally friendly. It is also known as sustainable fashion. It uses renewable materials, carbon-neutral shipping, transparency, and waste and resources management. Eco-fashion focuses on the whole production process, not just the fabric used; production processes, supply chain and consumption up to the life-cycle of clothing.

Although slow fashion does the opposite of fast fashion, it uses natural recyclable fabrics and encourages the purchase of garments that will last longer.

Eco-fashion, slow fashion, and ethical fashion are sister movements with similar guidelines. Eco-fashion, however, considers all aspects of the clothing life cycle, from fabric to end of life.

Even if we try to shop for ethical tags on clothing claiming it’s “recycled” or “eco-friendly”, it is not necessarily true. This is known as greenwashing - when the tags lead you to believe the product is sustainable when it’s not.

We should do our own research and buy from the right brands, and a way to know if they are truly ethical is to look and their production process and sustainability projects.



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