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Birth Of Street Style

It was in the 1980s that street style emerged, and photographers began documenting the unique and personal fashion choices of people on the streets, instead of just focusing on models and celebrities. A mixture of high-end designer clothing and vintage or thrift store finds was captured by these photographers.

The popularity of street style photography grew in the 1990s as photographers like Bill Cunningham, as well as Scott Schuman, also known as The Sartorialist, captured people on the streets of major fashion capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Milan with their bold and creative fashion choices. Fashion magazines and newspapers published their photographs, establishing street style as an important element of fashion.

With the rise of street-style blogs and social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, people have been able to share and discover upcoming fashion trends and styles easier than ever before. Through street style, fashion designers have gained access to a broader range of people, styles, and aesthetics, which has helped democratize the fashion industry.


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